So, I've signed up on soompi to participate in the gokon event. For those that don't know what I'm talking about, it's where writers and readers get paired up, but you don't know who is paired with whom. As a writer, you're given a prompt. Then, you're supposed to use that prompt to write something. This time, I signed up as a writer and the prompt was to write a script.

I'm finished the piece, and I'm probably going to extend it into a long story in the future. I still think I ended it rather abruptly, but it's only supposed to be a one-shot. Oh well, I'll make it longer later. I won't say what it's about right now since I'm supposed to remain anonymous until the moderators reveal the participants' true names.

I actually finished this piece rather quickly, probably because I don't have much time online. I'm away from my home laptop. Haha.

I thought I'd add that once I'm allowed to be free from anonymity. I'll most likely share my script on my blog. Feel free to tell me what you think of it then! :D

PS. About my updates, they'll pick up once I return home . . . which will be soon. Thanks for your patience!